I know that the young Moncler Black Friday Sale error has caused her a great deal of psychological trauma. She was this bad habit, that is, after she hurt, psychological distortions, the product of a personality change. I feel I can not go on this way for her to sink, she really needed help. She needs someone to pull her one, get her out of a nightmare, to a new life. So I did not go, but I also saw. Because extremely excited to see her and went crazy, I did not feel a little immorality. My only sorrow, deep sorrow. Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday next day in my persuasion, to find a well-known psychiatrist for treatment. I always believe that one day she will return to normal, to get rid of the shadow, happy again. Wang Bingzhang really have the means, the third day he who deceives people can not see what came back. Moncler Jackets Outlet that villain is frightening not light, not only to copy out all the negatives, but was forced to promise the return of the money he defrauded. But the villain or villains, Wang Bingzhang their front foot was gone, he flew into hiding up. And he seems to also triad background, a lot of land as much as the next day the company went rogue trouble, if I see the machine fast and quickly fled protection Moncler Jackets Black Friday, really can not imagine the consequences. Given the likely implicated Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday, plus have to protect her privacy is not exposed, we did not send an alarm to resolve this matter. Wang Bingzhang is there a way in the end, he made a few calls later. That night the group is a group of rogue soldiers in civilian clothes grabbed one still up into the mountains, never ever dare to outlaw scared, and the effectiveness is also useful to run than the police. Six months later, Moncler Cyber Monday Sale finally restored mental health, but also successful to quit her bad habits. Laughter, came back to his face.

Moncler Black Friday Sale is always busy, her flourishing career, is really big international star. They always divided poly-less, and finally with the day, time is our happiness. Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday admitted to the university to do so. Z actually admitted incredible big and I considered alumni of. Readings she is journalism, it seems that when a volunteer reporter. There is a chance. I saw Qin Qiu solution. It was a Sunday afternoon, the riverside park on the grass. That the sun is shining, I saw her afar off squatted on the ground with open arms, for a beautiful baby toddler smiled and said, "baby, the mom is coming here!" His face was full of joy and satisfaction, that is the real joy and happiness! I could not help tears, murmured: "Happiness is a good solution piano, wish you a lifetime, never filled with such a smile!!" I have no way to disturb her happiness, silently walked away. I no longer care Moncler Jackets Outlet if the words do not see the country, listening to people say that she resigned, married went south. Specifically where, who knows. Cheng Jia finally have a boyfriend, and once they met in the street, very affectionate, holding hands, filled with joy in their young faces. Blossom, bloom flowers and open. Time seems to have lost in the blink of an eye. 2005 May Day holiday, one of the people I live alone. Moncler Black Friday Sale because to hold a grand concert, were busy all day in rehearsal, simply did not have time to see me. My head was another thing new twist was bored and restless. Because pretty soon, Moncler Cyber Monday Sale going and coming back from the United States. My marriage, soon arrived. At the moment my heart in addition to Moncler Christmas Sale, no one else. I'm afraid Moncler Jackets Black Friday returned that day, I will not be because of guilt and sadness and revealed the secret. I am more afraid of is, Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday if I know I love and what will happen in grief and despair. I think these become sleepless nights, terribly upset.

May 4, boring Moncler Black Friday Sale nowhere to go, and then the outside just to eat something, then go home. I inadvertently walked one, looked up and saw the words Kobayashi chess museum. Go think I really had it long, long time no next. Anyway, bored, go see it. I vaguely remember that Kobayashi was sixteen and seventeen girl, chess is very powerful, professional level. But she can not remember the way I've come, and that the girl had only very arrogant impression. Well, after so many years, she has grown up and now it went upstairs, I saw chess Road side near the entrance hall there is a young man being elegant smoking. Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday lazily chair on the railing, flicked to the hands of the ash, then very casually into the mouth to breathe. I can not help but see a much, because I've never seen a man smoking posture, will make people feel nice. He is young, most will Moncler Jackets Black Friday, four, saw me, he told me politely nod and smile. I immediately had impressed, Moncler Black Friday Sale pair bottomless eyes, eyes that only a very wise person would have. But his smile is very naive, and his wise eyes complex opposite. I suddenly felt that he was the kind of smile, the girls should be very lethal, right? I politely smiled on him, he and his passing into the chess museum. First, there is the eyes of a crowd of people gathered around a table around, some people are quietly talk with. I have a look Moncler Christmas Sale, see a girl are holding his head down trying to come up against the board. I immediately people out she is Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday, a few years gone, she is a slim young lady. She had just gone the way of arrogance, a pair of anxious, preoccupied demeanor. I looked down the table to watch that game, Moncler Cyber Monday Sale empty seat opposite. Only Moncler Jackets Outlet put the table indicates that someone put a cup of tea. Chess game has entered the disk, I carefully looked at, and immediately surprised.

Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday is the player using, it is the old rules. But the board has three crises White, Black wound in the attack, at any time may ruin. Black thick and the whole sentence, it seems unable to find the weak spots. White is not only no way to contact, it seems even QUICKER are a problem. I know Moncler Cyber Monday Sale chess, she had at least the early part of the professional level. And a few years should not be no progress, right? The chess with her, look around the world, and only Grandmaster to kill her so embarrassed. That her opponent? Which national champion? I hear talk quietly next to someone:??. "I'm afraid that kid horizontal bar Kudan national team heard of this number and Moncler Christmas Sale sub task ah actually killing her first under plateful not live ChangHao come but also that it "another humanity:"?! where are you even under ChangHao and Moncler Cyber Monday Sale impossible under such a way .Moncler Black Friday Sale certainly underestimate the enemy, that kid is good cunning, the beginning of the next is completely stiff back dismount formulary .Moncler Jackets thought he was, but ear ear, Pianzhao one, the guy immediately exposed the true colors you see here White burned. If Moncler Jackets Black Friday outset knew him badly, then how would the kind of move? If there is not, the situation will not be so passive, ah, "there is one person once said:"!! Ai Ai watching chess without a word true gentleman, you say cuckoo land "around the quiet immediately, Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday expansion blush, the teeth? the lower lip, a pair of angry look. The crowd parted for a moment. That just outside smoking a young boy sitting in a squeeze before the board, lazily laughed: "I'm not under the three cigarette smoke, and trouble a little faster, OK??"Moncler Christmas Sale looked glared at him, Nianqi a bite albino, "pop" sound pat on the board. That kid a look, a smile more ghost. Moncler Jackets Outlet, grabbed a sunspot gently on a chessboard. Just off hand, onlookers shouted then, "Oh," a cry. I looked at this move, White is Wengzhongzhibie left. No way out.

Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday suddenly became quiet face swollen liver-colored, she angrily stared at him and said: "!! I am satisfied that we again next drive, this time I will not be lenient with" mischievous kid laughed: "You lenient Oh, and then the next set yet, no problem, but I want to raise the prize money to a thousand you have no opinion "Moncler Cyber Monday Sale teeth, said:"?!.?!! no opinion but a thousand to one thousand ? May I ask who you are and why I have never seen you before. "that kid took the cup, very, very gracefully took a sip, then said:"? I have a buddy children, a few days before the game and you lose the next two a lot of money. originally Well gambling on speed connection, but also not a big deal, but my buddy said Moncler Jackets Black Friday ugly overgrown child, and he was playing chess suffer. I do not want to hear this, and my buddy long gotta be a little difficult, but this is not his fault, it is only natural disasters .Moncler Black Friday Sale so insulted, he has been a blow to his self-confidence you know? lose my children really like How about you buddy. I can not see this person brothers to shame others, today I will be coming your way, do not think you can put the eye looks into the head, filled with beautiful girls than you are of it! "chess museum around the country love the person next chess move that color is an open secret, is not curious. Chess Hall boss also a commission from the red, Moncler Cyber Monday Sale probably make a living, right? I know Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday is a proud girl, but did not think she actually still so arrogant. Kobayashi really cares Yuandeng eyes, rage and said: "So I just do not want you to reason with him how he did it make him want to chase my dream go clear autumn you count what!??!? I do also need your pipe? "I watched, although the impression among Moncler Christmas Sale arrogance, but rather aloof, did not think today would actually be this kid into this gas.

That kid is not angry, sit and wait started playing in the lighter, smiling at Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday, said: "! I'm not here to control your things, I have come to winning, remember my name, my name Moncler Black Friday Sale" Moncler Jackets Black Friday hand to whisk all the pieces on the board to the table, grinding his teeth and said: "What's your name, I managed to have a skill, a level we see the board?!" Moncler Jackets nodded: "I do not bully you, so that you two sons of it, or you under, but I "Moncler Cyber Monday Sale manage anger, shouted:"!?. Do you dare to look down upon me I have not resorted to the real skill, I do not believe you can be a nobody, I still go strong enforcement ! white, you go under the bar "Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday sighed and shook his head and said:" it does not matter, Moncler Christmas Sale player using, for you are all the same, "said sit still body, picks up a sunspot. Suddenly everyone felt he was very solemn silence, stop imposing prison Moncler Jackets Outlet, a pair of real master of style. He thought a little one, then hand off the screwdriver. "Popping" sound, accurate shot in the upper right corner of the stars on the board. At that time my body and my heart a little surprised, I thought this kid never simple, he in the end is what people? Originally, I wanted to continue the match to go, you can make a phone call I had to leave. Hua Qiming phone is called, he wants to see the side of me, that is to discuss matters relating to marriage and I do home of his daughter. He hopes his daughter so he came back, we'll get married soon. With mixed feelings, I met the future Laozhang Ren. Hua Qiming ordered a mansion as his daughter's dowry given to us as a new house. In fact, I now have the ability to purchase a new home, but Lao Zhangren insisted that I not good to refuse. After the necessary matters to discuss, the sky was completely dark. I drove home to leave China, but my heart is very heavy. Accordance with the truth and I naturally should marry Moncler Christmas Sale, Moncler Jackets paid so much for me to eat so much suffering. If I had gone back, treacherous Huihun, that I was a beast than pigs and dogs. But I really only let Moncler Cyber Monday Sale do my valentine? I was so in love Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday, I'm not willing to let her see the light, and only me. Moreover, once I end up married. There is no way the kind of life to be afraid.

Placed in front of me only two or determination and Moncler Black Friday Sale separate, dedicated treat China Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday. Or to abandon under the cruel fiancee, married Moncler Cyber Monday Sale. But ...... God! Choose which way, I will not stand. Why? Why things will develop to the point where ah? I have a headache extremely, extremely sad! I turned a corner, just want to find a bar to forget himself drunk, drunk actually feel better, to save will be very sad to think of these problems. Unconsciously, I went to the music bar. Just park the car. I saw Moncler Jackets Black Friday hurried out from the door. I was about to push the door and say hello to her, but to see a man ran along stopped in front of her, and called:? "The young lady, do not you believe me you are serious about it, I never like love like any woman you love, you give me a chance! "I think it is because of his informant leaving me and Moncler Cyber Monday Sale ate so much pain. My anger will be born from this, however. Just listen Moncler Black Friday Sale sneered:?! "These words you do not know how many innocent women and said it if I already know that your affair, I would certainly be impressed by it a pity you now I listened it did not feel, I beg you to stop pestering me, good or bad, "Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday also did not give up, continued:"?. Miss Fan, I order you already do not contact me with any woman you really are sincerely I swear to God, then I look at another woman again if on one, let my eyes immediately Moncler Christmas Sale, life could not see anything "Moncler Jackets Cyber Monday do like vomiting immediately lifted the chest, said:"! really seen you had such a sick person, I beg you away from me, I really can not stand it! "according to the truth of any man in the world by women such refusal will not have the face and then continue to struggle anymore. This artist can actually unmoved, even face not look red. Also affectionate authentic: "You know the young lady I know all women together, you can not compare an eyebrow You're the only love of my life, I can not give you up to no matter how much you hate now?... I, I will not be discouraged. Over time, I believe that eventually there will one day be touched your heart. Moncler Jackets Outlet will make you happy, please give me a chance to prove it! "

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